Border Crash Kills 13 When 25 Packed Into SUV.

By | March 3, 2021 | 0 Comments

Report: 25 illegal immigrants packed into SUV, hit gravel truck 8 miles from hole in old border fence (not Trump fence) in California. Were aged 20-55. At least 13 dead, others seriously injured. This is humanitarian tragedy. It is also a crime and a sin. Those who condone smuggling of people (including children) and drugs, or actually enable it, are morally responsible for these deaths.

To pack 25 adults into SUV that normally holds 8 or less, it was probably necessary to rip out the middle and rear seats and stack the immigrants like lumber. To call those who allow such behavior “humane” is a revolting misuse of language.

We can argue about whether mass immigration is good for the economy. I believe it is not. But there is no argument about whether mass immigration causes human misery. And now immigrants are being admitted without Covid-19 testing.

Question: If you wanted to cause misery, disease, and death at the border, what would you do differently? If the answer is nothing, ask yourself what the bleep we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Investigators look over the scene of a crash between an SUV and a semi-truck full of gravel near Holtville, California on March 2, 2021. - At least 13 people were killed in southern California on Tuesday when a vehicle packed with passengers including minors collided with a large truck close to the Mexico border, officials said.

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