Biden Owns Border Chaos

By | March 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

Arizona Border Sheriff On Border Crisis: Biden ‘Owns This,’ ‘We Had It Under Control’ Under Trump.”

Some people assume that the Biden administration, and progressives in general, mean well, are sympathetic to immigrants, and are oblivious to the damage open borders are causing. Others assume nothing and blame the administration for chaos on the border, including releasing Covid-positive persons into the US.

I belong to the latter group. Only God can see people’s hearts. All we can be sure of is what people are doing. If what they are doing is causing human misery, economic distress, and unhealthful conditions, then I oppose what they are doing, entirely regardless of why they claim to be doing it.

In a free country, if the people are dissatisfied with the government, they replace the government. In an unfree country, if the government is dissatisfied with the people, it replaces the people. Is that not what we are seeing today on our border?

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