Pepé Le Pew, Romantic Skunk, Cancelled

By | March 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

In logic there is a procedure called reductio ad absurdum. You follow an argument to its logical conclusion, find it absurd, then reject the whole argument. Usually you must do this to your opponent’s argument. But if you are lucky, he does it to himself.

NY Times columnist Charles Blow is known for his progressive ideas. And now they have progressed to absurdity. Finding questionable drawings in 6 of Dr. Suess’s earlier books advances the cancel-culture agenda of deleting as much as possible of our past. But Blow goes further. He pontificates that Pepé Le Pew perpetuates rape culture.

We older folks remember laughing at cartoons of the romantic skunk, with his beret, colorful scarf, and French accent. He came on to every woman he could find, but his terrible odor turned them off. He couldn’t even get a date, much less come anywhere close to rape. Pepé was an innocent, amusing cartoon character. To see him as an example of rape culture says more about the critic than about the actual skunk.

Knock down statues of Confederate leaders? Unnecessary but understandable. Knock down statues of Union leaders? Gross ingratitude. Knock down statues of our founders? Worse ingratitude. Censor Dr. Suess? Beginning to look paranoid and power-hungry. Censor Pepé Le Pew? Now you’ve gone too far. You have reduced yourself to absurdity. Now go away and let us enjoy what little innocent fun remains for us.–ySLXj0NasGi73QUnnGiRw9VqiblSKazL_5PxfWnvhVJPT1q5dgPE1YCvQFUEvfF74yx2KeeVRkvYJ4HIIpTlt6Ga9rg&utm_content=insiders&utm_source=housefile

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