Fauci Asks Trump To Tout Vaccine

By | March 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Dr Fauci urges former President Trump to advise his “followers” to take the Covid vaccine. Apparently he views Republicans as cultists who always follow their leader. But in addition to conservatives, who else is less likely to be vaccinated? Blacks and women. Why would they take Trump’s advice on health care?

Perhaps Fauci doesn’t recall that Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris declared that they would refuse the Covid vaccine if Trump recommended it.

Perhaps Fauci seeks to blame reluctance about vaccine on Trump, though there are many other factors at play.

Perhaps Fauci also doesn’t recall that Trump frequently boasted that rapid vaccine development was due to his efforts, while Biden now seeks credit for what was done before he took office.

Perhaps Fauci like his boss Biden is suffering some memory loss – he is 80, after all. More likely, unlike Biden, Fauci’s memory loss is merely convenient.

But you know what? Americans are independent individuals who make up their own minds. Or at least, that’s what we have been up to the present.


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