All Hail President/Queen Meghan!

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Many people in Hollywood are hard-working and dedicated to their craft. They wake up at 4 am to reach the set at 7 am. They work out regularly to keep in shape despite injuries and age. And then there are the others, the narcissists, the users, the unbearably entitled.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly eyeing a bid for the White House and talking to top Democrats. Clearly this is delusional. But suppose it were realistic. Consider the possibilities.

If (God forbid!) something were to happen to Prince William and his children, Prince Harry would be in line to ascend the throne. And what if his wife Meghan were then President. She would be simultaneously Queen of the United Kingdom and President of the United States.

What an opportunity for globalists. The two nations could reunite. The Declaration of Independence could be rescinded. Who wants those obsolete references to inalienable rights given by the Creator? Then Parliament could alter our Constitution into an advisory, nonbinding document – just the way progressives already treat it today. What an enormous step toward world government and disappearance of the individual!

The only problem would be what tune to play before sports or other events – “The Star-Spangled Banner” or “God Save the King”? The solution would be to scrap both these outmoded songs and play John Lennon’s “Imagine.” No nations, no God, no heaven, nothing worth fighting for.

All hail President/Queen Meghan! But not God save the Queen. Can’t have that, not inclusive

Meghan Markle Eyeing Bid For The White House, Talking To Top U.S. Democrats.

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