Biden Insults, Threatens Putin

By | March 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

Many of us recall the tough little guy in the schoolyard everyone knew not to mess with. That’s Putin, former lieutenant colonel of KGB. Top officers are often politicians – for example, generals in the Pentagon more interested in wokeness than in combat readiness. But mid-range officers do the work. In the case of the KGB, spying, wiretapping, suppression of dissent, interrogation, torture. That’s our Vladimir.

If you doubt this, just ask Alexander Litvinenko, the anti-Putin author who was poisoned with tea laced with polonium 210. He died slowly of radiation sickness. As the mafia used to say, Putin wanted to send a message. Read you loud and clear.

There is an anti-Putin resistance, but now it will have lost credibility. Russians are very patriotic, and now resistors will be seen as pawns of the US. Even Russians who hate Putin will get behind him because he will appear as their leader fighting the hostile Americans.

Thanks so much, Deep State. Grateful to you, Democratic Party. You foisted a cognitively impaired Biden on us as pseudo-president. Not even 2 months in office, and he has already:

1) Sent a woke secretary of defense to weaken our military.
2) Created out of thin air a humanitarian crisis on our border.
3) Publicly insulted Putin by calling him “killer” and threatening that Putin will “pay the price.”

Now add to the mix that Putin has had Parkinson’s disease for years. In its later stages, Parkinson’s can cause dementia. An obviously demented Biden threatening a possibly demented Putin, both in charge of nukes? You couldn’t make this up. Is this really the guy you want to mess with?

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