Why Work In Massage Parlors?

By | March 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

A White man kills 8 women, of whom 6 are Asian, in Atlanta massage parlors.  The media claim he is a White supremacist anti-Asian. He claims he could no longer fight sex addiction, for which he actually put himself in a rehab center. A friend from there verifies his extreme guilt about sex addiction. This aspect of the crime is ignored, while only the racist motive is explored. Racism is in the news and part of Antifa and BLM, while sex addiction isn’t as newsworthy. One might say it isn’t as sexy.

But all this focuses on the man and ignores the women – odd for those who claim to be pro-woman. No one asks why eight women, apparently young, were working in massage parlors/brothels.

Why weren’t they working in the garment industry? Oh wait, most of it was exported to China and elsewhere.

Why weren’t they working in the hotel and restaurant industry? Oh wait, most of those jobs go to Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal – that is, the jobs still remaining after a year of lockdown.

Why weren’t they working in retail sales? Oh wait, many of these jobs disappeared during the lockdown.

Why weren’t they working in light manufacturing? Same reasons.

The motives of the murderer are of great interest. But of greater interest is the reason so many Asian and other women find it necessary to become sex workers in order to put food on their families’ tables. Of course, no one will answer this question until someone asks it.

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