Crossing The Border With Foreign Flags

By | March 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

What do you call tens of thousands of people coming illegally across the border, flying the flags of foreign nations?
1) Line dancing.
2) Salsa dancing.
3) Flamenco dancing.
4) Invasion.
Answer: 4.

When my mother’s family arrived at Ellis Island from Russia, I don’t know what they were carrying. But I do know with 100% certainty what they were not carrying: czarist flags. The very last thing they wanted was to return to the tyranny, corruption, class system, and clannish bigotry of the nation from which they had just escaped.

But that sentiment apparently is not shared by many – perhaps most – of the thousands in the “caravans” of immigrants crossing our border. These people plan to reestablish small replicas of their former homelands, with all the problems that entails. If you doubt this, consider the small towns in the Los Angeles area, plagued with corruption and crime. But we can’t blame these people. Our leftist media and intelligentsia portray us as horrible white supremacists who oppress non-white minorities with savagery. Who would want to join disgusting people like that, much less emulate them?

Thousands crossing the border with foreign flags are not just insulting us; they are telling us something: Get your act together while there is still time.

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