Allegations of Child Abuse In Border Facilities

By | April 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas officials describe credible reports of child abuse and rape in US Goverment facilities for unaccompanied minors. With kids of various ages crammed together and sleeping on the floor, this is hardly surprising.

Apologists for the Biden-Harris Administration object that foster care has always carried the risk of abuse. Yes, but does this excuse abuse on a larger scale? And mainstream media assert that the effect of Biden’s open-borders policy is uncertain. Things were better under Trump and got worse under Biden, so what is uncertain? I’ll tell you what – the media’s devotion to truth is decidedly uncertain.

If a federal building catches fire, they call the local fire department, they don’t wait for US Forestry Service firefighters to come from hundreds of miles away. And if a federal building is threatened by rioters, they call the local police, they don’t wait days for the National Guard to mobilize. That is, when they want local help, the feds feel free to call for it. But now, when they don’t want people to see, the feds block the media and local officials from entering. And when members of Congress arrive, they can’t bar entry but do try to forbid taking photos.

Here is a thought experiment. What if Texas Dept of Children’s Services officials and deputy sheriffs arrive and demand entry. What if a local judge issues a search warrant? Would the feds forcibly detain them and block entry? Would this not be a crime in itself? This would be true for federal installations, but it would be even more true for local property used by the feds to house immigrants – sports arenas, for example .

Am I hoping for a state-federal confrontation? Absolutely not. My point is that a federal badge does not immunize a person from the penalties of condoning child abuse and then covering it up. If the Biden-Harris Administration is unable or unwilling to clean up its mess, or even to admit that the mess exists, then no one should be surprised if others step in to clean it up.

Those who encouraged thousands of unaccompanied minors to cross the border illegally, yet made no preparations to house them humanely, will have only themselves to blame.

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