Fauci Didn’t Answer, But He Did

By | April 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Rep. Jordan repeatedly asked Dr. Fauci how low infections had to go before we reopen. Fauci refused to say. He was not being evasive or senile. He did answer, though indirectly: “You can open when I say so, not a day sooner. Got it?” It was a statement of arrogance, not evasion. It was Fauci expressing his feeling of superiority over the people’s elected representatives. It was a manifestation of Fauci’s hubris: “I am a brilliant scientist and you are an ignorant slob.”

And then Rep. Maxine Waters completed the put-down by ordering Jordan to shut his mouth. It couldn’t be clearer: “We are in charge here. Don’t you understand that, you fool? How dare you question our guru?”

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