Lies Lead To Violence

By | April 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

In fact, 18 unarmed Blacks were killed by police in a year. But because of dishonest media, many Blacks – not just rioters, but ordinary people – believe that thousands of unarmed Blacks are killed by police annually. They believe that genocide is being committed on their people. And what, do you suppose, reasonable people will do if they believe they are being exterminated? They resort to violence.

But when bloodshed results, as it inevitably must, will the dishonest leftist media take responsibility and try to calm things down? Are you serious? They will say, “You see? We were right. Just look at all the violence. Look at all the hatred.” They incite racial hatred, then use it as evidence they were right all along.

I believe that ultimately, we all must stand before the Throne of Judgment and account for our actions – and our inactions – as best we can. Those who work in the dishonest media will have a lot of explaining to do. Good luck with that.

Watch this video by Ami Horowitz. See what ordinary people have been led to believe. Then be afraid. Be very afraid.

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