Why They Hate Guns And Gun Owners

By | April 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

A teen attacks another teen with a knife, threatening to “stab the f*** out of you, b****.” A cop saves the girl from death or serious injury by making a split-second decision to shoot the attacker. Leftist media (but I repeat myself) condemn the cop for “systematic racism,” though the teen he saved is Black. And gurus idolize the knife-wielding attacker.

Elsewhere, a teen who is home alone shoots a home invader with his parents’ gun, which they taught him to use safely. But leftist media (there I go again) do not rejoice that the kid is still alive and uninjured. They ask, “What was he doing with a gun anyway?” What was he doing? Protecting his own life, you over-educated fools.

These two events, among countless others, illustrate that hatred of guns and of gun owners is not based on reason, but is purely emotional – as is much of leftism. To solve serious problems, we need reason, not emotion; we need fact-based logic, not childish tantrums.

Stephen Hunter is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of such novels as “Point of Impact,” on which the film “Shooter” was based. He knows guns, and even more important, he knows human nature. So when he explains why anti-gun people hate guns, and hate pro-gun people as well, he is worth our attention. Few authors can combine factual descriptions with colorful, often amusing language, and do it so skillfully that we hardly notice. Read and enjoy: “Why They Hate Us.”


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