Name One Thing That’s Better Under Biden

By | May 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Here is a snap quiz. It evaluates not your cognitive abilities, but your honesty:

Name one (1) significant aspect of American life that has improved since Joe Biden became President.

On Jan. 20, 2021 at noon, Biden inherited a Covid-19 vaccine that had been developed at record speed. He inherited a vaccination program that had already vaccinated millions – including Biden himself. He inherited an economy that had been seriously damaged by the lockdown – not the pandemic – but was bounding back unexpectedly robustly. He inherited armed forces that had been strengthened in both support and morale. He inherited the Abraham Accords in the Middle East, with Israel and its neighbors more peaceful than they had been for decades. He inherited energy independence, with America no longer beholden to Middle East oil sheikhs.

And now, 114 days into the Biden administration, where are we?

The vaccine rollout continues, but without notable changes. The economy is staggering again, beset by fears of rising taxes and growing inflation. The armed forces are undergoing scrutiny for “white supremacy,” which might mean KKK membership, but might also mean wearing a MAGA hat off duty. The Middle East has returned to violence and turmoil, unrestrained by a President seen as weak and ineffective. Energy independence is evaporating, because of bans on fracking, drilling, and canceling pipelines already under construction. The frozen wind turbines of Texas stand as mute witnesses to the unreliability of “green” energy.

So how did you do on the snap quiz? Could you name one (1) significant aspect of American life that has improved since Jan. 20? In fact, could you name one (1) aspect that has not deteriorated? And don’t list absence of Trump’s Tweets, even if that breach of freedom of speech pleases you. He was banned from Twitter before the election.

If it’s hard to name one thing that hasn’t deteriorated since Biden took office, why are his supporters still enthusiastic? Is Biden so charismatic a politician, so magnetic a personality, so strong a leader, that his supporters will stick by him through thick and thin? Or is it simply that he is a Democrat, and Democrats will support him regardless of what he actually does, or fails to do?

How bad would things have to get before most of his supporters would have buyers’ remorse about the election? I believe there is no limit to how bad things would have to get. Which is the reason we can expect things to get worse – much worse.

In order to have second thoughts, one must have any thoughts at all, rather than reacting by pure emotion. And that’s what leftists do: emote. They strive to feel good about themselves rather than actually to do good. Judged by that self-referential standard, President Biden is a roaring success.

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