What’s In The “News” Paper?

By | May 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Here are headlines in the LATimes for May 14:

  • Israel prepares for Gaza invasion. [Who started trouble with 100s of rockets? Doesn’t say.]
  • Homeless camps at beaches and parks; idea stirs debate. [Wonder why?]
  • Brutality the government let happen in Alabama. [No progress since that happened 60 years ago?]
  • The GOP keeps betting on a loser. [Removing Liz Cheney from leadership isn’t their right?]
  • Trump is supreme American demagogue. [You say he lost; doesn’t that make Biden supreme demagogue?]
  • Therapy for families split by Trump in jeopardy. [All those kids in foil blankets weren’t split by Biden?]
  • Two projectile shootings of protesters ruled improper. [Dems are protesters, GOP are insurrectionists?]
  • State attorney general to review killing by officer. [Ever review killings of officers for possible prevention?]

So in one day, we have: 1) Israel as instigator of violence when the reverse is true. 2) Homeless spreading to parks and beaches, with no thought of how to solve problem rather than papering it over. 3) Anti-Black violence presented as if it were late-breaking news instead of 60 years old. 4) Trump is “loser,” but was Hillary ever called that? 5) Trump split families, but Biden never does? 6) Trump is demagogue, but Biden got people to follow him, so he is what? Orator? 7) Use of force by cops is wrong again, and again, and…

We read papers to learn the news, not to see the same ideas endlessly rehashed. Do you suppose, just possibly, that’s why papers are dying? They are called NEWS papers, after all.

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