More Dems Blame Israel Than Hamas

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No, it’s not just the “squad,” the leftist bloc in the House. It’s Democrats in general. Roughly twice as many blame Israel for the current Mideast violence as blame Hamas. They may even recognize that Hamas began the current episode by firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities and towns.

But, the argument goes, it’s still Israel’s fault, because of “settlements.” But what are “settlements”? Jewish apartments in East Jerusalem? Jewish villages in the West Bank? Or any Jewish presence anywhere in Israel? That is the position not only of Hamas but also of the Palestinian Authority. They want the West Bank and all of Israel to resemble Gaza. They want the whole area to be free of Jews.

The Nazis used two words to designate a place from which all Jews were removed. The first was judenfrei, free of Jews. But the second was more revealing: judenrein, cleansed of Jews. That is what Hamas and its friends openly desire: Every Jew to be removed from Israel, either by deportation or by extermination. In this connection, recall the statement of Minister Farrakhan: “I’m not an anti-Semite, I’m anti-termite.”

What does it say about the Squad specifically, and about Democrats in general, that so many of them identify more with Hamas than with Israel?

Israel forcibly removed every Jew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Then 21 Jewish settlements were dismantled and Jews were evacuated by the Israeli army, some forcibly. When Arabs came in, they destroyed greenhouses that had been producing vegetables for sale. As replacements, they built rocket launchers and tunnels. Repeatedly attacks were launched against Israel – or rather, against the rest of Israel. Gaza remains a legal part of Israel because Egypt doesn’t want it.

What does it say about an area and its people when a nation refuses to annex it?

So what should we expect if Israel evacuated the West Bank as it did Gaza? Regrettably, more rockets and tunnels. The sad fact is that for the foreseeable future, Israel and its Arab neighbors will remain hostile. This hostility may be contained if a strong America maintains a degree of control, including keeping Iran from shipping rockets and other troublemaking.

But what if America appears weak to Hamas and Iran? You see the results before you.

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