The Ultimate Gun Control: No Ammo

By | May 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

No, it’s not draconian new gun-control laws passed by Democrats and signed by President Biden. It’s not gun confiscation raids by feds in Covid masks. The ultimate gun control is the almost complete lack of ammunition on the market – including rifle, handgun, and shotgun.

In the past year 21 million firearms were sold. Even more telling, 9 million were sold to first-time gun owners. Add to his skyrocketing costs for copper and other raw materials, fear from months of Antifa and BLM demonstrations, and concern about the new Biden administration.

Apparently ammo manufacturers have increased production as much as a mature industry allows. They predict at least 2 years will elapse before ammo supplies return to normal. Until then, gun-confiscation activists will strain their facial muscles by continuous smiling. And the rest of us will strain our hand muscles by keeping our fingers crossed.

Defund and demoralize police + allow rioters and looters to roam free + severe ammunition shortage = recipe for big trouble. 05/25/2021&bcid=6490a293f2e5b302cd3de167c3f31067&recip=4044480

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