L.A. Times Editorial Verges On Anti-Semitic

By | June 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

LATimes editorial: “Jews are ‘people who are, for the most part, white and often lead lives of privilege.'” Yeah, it’s them rich Jews that cause all the damn trouble, ain’t it, Bubba?

The Times editors may be progressives, but they are sounding more and more like Klansmen. This should not surprise us. Anti-Semitism is like beige – it goes with everything. Extreme Left, extreme Right, religious fanatics, atheist totalitarians, fascists, communists – no matter, Jew hatred binds them together.

For the information of the Times editors, my mother’s family were victims of a Russian pogrom because they weren’t “white.” They arrived at Ellis Island with only what they could carry. They wound up running two clothing stores, owing their homes, and putting their children through college.

My father’s eldest brother was murdered in the Holocaust because he wasn’t “white.” My father worked to put himself through college and medical school, but when my mother first met him, he had his things wrapped in newspaper and tied with rope.

For the most part “white”? Really? What about olive-skinned Jews from North Africa and the Mideast? What about black Jews from Ethiopia? What about two millennia of persecution because Jews weren’t “white” enough? “Lives of privilege”? In my lifetime, one-third of all the Jews in the world were murdered. How privileged is that?

Note to LATimes editors: Your bed sheets belong in the linen closet, not the clothes closet.




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