China Threatens Nukes

By | June 4, 2021 | 0 Comments

Editor of China government newspaper threatens nuclear war with US if…what? Predicts confrontation over…what? Not Hong Kong – we’ve given up on that. Taiwan? Perhaps, but China still lacks amphibious warfare capability. Then what? Covid-19 perhaps?

Does the editor know what we now suspect: That China was engaged in biological warfare experiments forbidden by 1972 treaty. That virus escaped, perhaps accidentally. That China government covered this up and allowed New Years’ celebrants from across world to come to Wuhan, go home again, causing world pandemic killing millions.

If the editor knows this happened, and expects us to find out, no wonder he threatens nuclear war. Clear that he speaks with approval of Xi regime. What do we make of this? Ignore it? Threaten in response? Go to UN? These are crucial questions, but is Joe Biden capable of answering them?

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