Man Beats Single Mom – Yawn

By | June 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

Huge man attacks single mom on way home from work, beats head into pavement. Suspected of similar attack day before. On parole for assault. Will leftist DA Gascon release him again, so he can be “rehabilitated”? Surely this outstanding citizen deserves every consideration. Surely we have too many people in jail. Surely we need “bail reform” – that is, releasing suspects with no bail.

But surely we have no need to discuss the matter with co-workers in our high-security office building, or to consider it at home in our gated community. Single moms in gas stations are not high on our priority list. In fact, they are not on our priority list at all. man-beats-woman-shirtless-attacks-at-assault/10744975/

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