Breaking News: Scientists Don’t Persecute Nonbelievers

By | June 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

NIH Director Dr Redfield got death threats for suggesting that the Covid-19 virus MAY have come from  the Wuhan lab. Sen Rand Paul gets death threats for probing questions to Dr Fauci. Follow the science? Really? Do scientists make death threats? No, religious or political fanatics do. Do you think, just possibly, that is what we are dealing with here – fanatics, not scientists?

Science is a method of seeking the truth through experiments. It is emphatically not a fixed set of beliefs that must be accepted in order to be “saved.” It is most emphatically NOT a license to persecute heretics who dare to question those beliefs. Those who persecute nonbelievers are the heirs of the Inquisition; the nonbelievers are the heirs of Galileo.

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