Biden, Trudeau Use D-Day For Criticism, Not Commoration

By | June 7, 2021 | 1 Comments
  • Biden Neglects To Commemorate D-Day, Tweets About Tulsa Massacre Instead.
  • Trudeau Omits Mention Of D-Day, Talks Of Sexual Misconduct In Military.

Sense a pattern here? The leaders (leaders?) of 2 of the 3 nations whose men died on the beaches of Normandie omit any mention of their heroism and sacrifice. Instead, the leaders (leaders?) obsess about sex in the military and misdeeds of the past. Obsessing about sex to the exclusion of other important factors is evidence of an emotional disturbance.

If you omit all mention of extremely good deeds, you lose the right to comment on bad deeds. If you devote all your time and energy to criticism, you have none left for praise. Then you are, in effect, no longer a leader, or even a friend, but merely a fault-finding bystander at best, and a hostile stranger at worst.

A real leader, like a good parent, inspires achievement and discourages bad behavior. A phony leader, like a bad parent, finds fault and just discourages. Those who discourage, disempower, demoralize, and defund our police and our military may feel good about themselves, but in fact they are undermining our nation. At some point, which is obvious only in retrospect, the undermining becomes irreversible, and the beautiful structure collapses.

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