Lawrence Lab May 2020: Virus May Have Come From Wuhan Lab

By | June 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

In May 2020, 13 months ago, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory concluded that the Covid-19 virus plausibly originated from the Wuhan biolab. The Lawrence Lab was founded by top physicists Ernest O. Lawrence and Edward Teller for cutting edge research. Originally part of the University of California, it is now autonomous. When its scientists say something, it is worth listening. That is beyond question.

The question is why it took 13 months for this story to be made public. The question is why, during this time, those who made similar statements were awarded tinfoil hats and banned from social media. The question is why those in charge felt obligated to shield the Chinese Communist regime from criticism. Obligated how? Obligated for what?

These questions will not be answered until we insist on asking them. But it will be a while.

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