“You Kill Fish – What About Their Thoughts And Feelings?”

By | June 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

Greta Thunberg: “You kill fish – what about their thoughts and feelings?”

This perfectly exemplifies the thinking Рor lack thereof Рof so-called deep ecologists. They obsess about the thoughts and feelings of animals, or even of plants, but have no regard for the thought and feelings of human beings. In fact, they believe that to save the planet, the human population  must be drastically reduced.

We worry about the economic fallout of “renewable energy.” We are concerned that higher energy prices inevitably lead to higher food prices and higher housing prices as well. How will the working class and poor manage to survive? This doesn’t worry radical environmentalists in the slightest. They are concerned with saving the planet, not with saving you.

This reminds me of another prominent person who worshipped nature, loved animals, but had no regard whatever for human life. He spent hours gazing at the beautiful Alpine view from his mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden. But he didn’t just talk. He put his ideas into action and substantially reduced the human population.¬† You remember him. His initials were AH.



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