“Follow The Science”? Where? How Many 180s Must We Do?

By | June 9, 2021 | 0 Comments

Science is a method of discovering truth by experiment. Newton was the greatest scientist of all, but his work was corrected by Einstein, and it would not be surprising if Einstein’s work were updated by the next Einstein. All this is true. But we do not expect science to do repeated 180s – that is, to completely reverse itself again and again.

Covid-19 is not transmitted person-to-person so we need not worry. Covid-19 is transmitted person-to-person so we should be very worried. Masks are unnecessary. Masks are essential, two whenever possible. Virus persists on environmental surfaces for hours, so disinfection is necessary. Virus is rarely transmitted by environmental surfaces, so disinfection is unnecessary. Masks must be worn outside. Disease is rarely transmitted outside. Vaccines are 90-95% effective. Masks must be worn after full vaccination. And so on ad nauseam.

Watch this video. But keep the airsickness bag handy.


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