Violent Homeless Problem

By | June 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Hour-long radio show in Los Angeles bombarded with first-hand accounts of attacks by homeless persons:

  • Naked man breaks into Bel Air home, kills 2 pet parakeets, takes shower, claims home is his.
  • Man breaks window, wanders around home, eventually leaves.
  • Man comes on property, rummages through garbage, when told to leave confronts homeowner with knife. City councilman’s staff: we have no plan.
  • Group blocks auto shop driveway. Woman confronts owner with knife. 911 refuses to send police. Brawl ensues. Police eventually remove woman, who is back with her friends in driveway next day.
  • Woman, kids see man pooping outside burger shop. Gives new meaning to “In-and-Out Burgers.”
  • Man sees man pooping in public while maintaining eye contact, smiling. Cop in car shrugs, can do nothing.
  • Man afraid to walk dog in public park – homeless with pit bulls off leash.
  • Woman accosted on street, man threatens to kill her.

These and many other reports describe real or threatened violence. Many homeless are mentally ill, on drugs, or both. To allow potentially dangerous people to threaten citizens with knives and do nothing is not an option – that is, unless our aim is to bring down our nation and our civilization.

Well, is that our aim? You tell people their nation is irretrievably racist and their civilization is rotten to the core, and what do you expect? The passive will do nothing and try to get by as best they can. The active will take matters into their own hands. If there is a better recipe for chaos and violence, I have yet to hear of it.


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