If US Is Systemically Racist, Why Do Blacks Come Here?

By | June 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

In the 1930s Germany was systemically anti-Semitic. Jews did their best to leave and none tried to immigrate to Germany. Now we are told America is systemically racist. If this were true, Blacks would be leaving, and none would be immigrating here. On the contrary, few if any Blacks are leaving, and millions of Blacks from Africa and the Caribbean have immigrated here.

In fact, more Blacks have immigrated voluntarily than were brought here as slaves in the past. Would they have done so if they thought America was systemically racist? Of course not. In fact, what is wrong with America is not systemic racism but systemic leftism. It poisons the minds of Americans of all races. It engenders self-hatred, a dangerous, destructive emotion.

But people living elsewhere are not subject to this poison. They see America as a place they could go to escape the corruption, tyranny, poverty, and tribalism of their native lands. So when leftists do their best to poison the minds of Americans against their own country, surely these recent immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean must wonder why anyone would be crazy enough to undermine such a desirable place.

[Thanks to Dennis Prager for this clarifying idea.]

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