Yellow Tape On Our Street? But We Defunded The Police

By | June 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

We live on a dead-end street, in both senses of that term. I need to go to the dentist this am. But street blocked by police and yellow tape. Officer: robbery, shooting. TV station: Robbery, one robber dead. Apparently a home invasion of wrong home.

That clucking, flapping sound you hear are chickens coming home to roost. Liberal Angelenos voted for a city council and mayor who defunded the police by $150M. They voted for a DA whose chief joy in life is to let criminals out of jail and refuse to prosecute others. They thought they were safe on the West Side. They thought crime was limited to the “bad” parts of town, so they didn’t have to consider it when voting.

Think again. Civilization is a thin veneer. What’s underneath you don’t want to know, and cops protect you from knowing. But defund and demoralize cops, elect DA who is in high earth orbit? Now you can’t help knowing. Chickens make a terrible mess. Now it’s your mess, too. Sorry about that.

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