Biden: Use Nukes And Jet Fighters Against Americans?

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Kurt Schlichter is a retired Army colonel. He shreds President Biden’s reference to using nukes and jet fighters against Americans with small arms and makes two key points;

  1. We have nukes and jet fighters, but we haven’t managed to pacify Afghans who use small arms after 20 years of trying.
  2. “It took 3 divisions (approximately 12 Brigade Combat Teams) to quell the riot in L.A. in 1992. I was there. Now, that was largely idiots burning and looting. What if the next time it is guys shooting back with evil AR-15s? And America is a zillion times bigger than Los Angeles. How do you hold all that ground? You don’t.”

Was Biden joking about using military jets and nuclear weapons on Americans? If so his sense of humor and verbal filter come into question. Or was he serious? Then his judgment and the 25th Amendment come into question. Soon.

At some point, we need to stop treating Biden as good old Uncle Joe, who may be getting a bit senile, and start treating him as President Biden, the Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. We need to get serious. It’s our country, you know – not the leftist elite’s.

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