It’s Latino And Latina, Not Latinx

By | June 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

  • Immigrant Congressman Shreds Biden For Using ‘Latinx’: ‘Keep Your Wokeness Out Of Our Language’.

Tip: If you must bastardize a language to follow leftist, radical, woke activists’ latest whim, then bastardize your own language – leave others alone.

Like many languages, Spanish is inflected. It recognizes genders. You may believe that people can change genders if they want. But speakers of Spanish prefer to speak it correctly. It is a matter of ethnic pride. Surely you understand that. You are the very ones who are working to break America up along racial, ethnic, and class fault lines.

It’s Latino and Latina, not Latinx. Anglos can’t tell Latinos and Latinas how to speak their own language. That would be real White privilege. So be a good gringo and take off that stupid souvenir-store sombrero with the little fuzz balls hanging from the brim. Speak English correctly. That seems to be difficult enough these days.

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