“Defund The Police” – Sounds Good To The Elite

By | June 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

  • Poll: Only 18% favor defunding the police.

So 82% oppose defunding police. Then why is it that Democrat leaders of our major cities, from New York to Los Angeles, went along with this small but noisy minority? Perhaps because the issue doesn’t affect the leaders directly.

They live in upscale neighborhoods or gated communities. They work in high-security buildings. They eat lunch with coworkers and dinner with friends who think like they do. They are rarely if ever affected by street crime. If they are high enough in the bureaucracy, they travel with personal security.

As far as minorities are concerned, these people deal with “community leaders,” often self-anointed, often not really leaders at all. They rarely meet with ordinary members of minority groups. These minorities favor defunding police even less than White people do. They tend to live and work in high-crime areas. They are often victims of street crime. Many know one or more people who were murdered.

To the elite, police are the ones who give them traffic tickets. But to many minorities, police are the ones who save them from street crime, rescue them from domestic violence, and give them first aid before paramedics arrive to treat their gunshot wounds.

“Defund the police” sounds good to the naïve elite in their leftist bubble. It sounds dangerously stupid to those who live in less sheltered circumstances.

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