Is Being A Woman “Demisexual” – That Is, Abnormal?

By | July 11, 2021 | 0 Comments
  • Andrew Cuomo’s daughter Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo comes out as demisexual.

Michaela, age 23, states that in elementary school she thought she was a lesbian, when she was in middle school she came out as bisexual, and when she was in high school she discovered pansexuality and thought, “That’s the flag for me.”

But now she feels she is demisexual, which apparently means she is sexually attracted only to people with whom she has an emotional bond. As one commenter remarked, she feels like a woman. Here are some questions:

  1. Why did this girl feel the need to identify her sexuality in primary and middle school?
  2. Why did her teachers and the media sexualize so young a child?
  3. Sexualizing young children used to be seen as child abuse. Why is it not still seen that way?
  4. Kids often feel the need to belong to groups or cliques, but why to sexual groups?
  5. Why did she see a sexual identity as a “flag”?
  6. Did her teachers and peers make her feel the need to go around flying a “flag” so they would know who she was?
  7. Why wasn’t being Michaela enough? Why wasn’t being herself enough? Why was an obvious group identity required?
  8. Isn’t this the basis of Critical Race Theory? Are we teaching elementary school kids that they need a group identity, because their personal identity is insufficient or unimportant?
  9. Is needing an emotional bond before having sex some form of pathology requiring a pseudo-scientific term like demisexual?
  10. Is being a woman somehow abnormal or deficient, and is the male notion of unemotional sex now the norm for girls and women?
  11. Is this yet another way that so-called “feminists” tell girls they should be like boys? If that’s feminist, what would masculinist look like?

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