Pro-Democracy Cubans Fly US Flag – Why?

By | July 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

  • Cubans demonstrate for the freedom they have been denied since communist Castro took power in 1959. Of course they fly Cuban flags, but which other flags? Russian? Chinese? Venezuelan? No, American.
  • Hong Kong residents demonstrate for the freedom they are losing to the communist Chinese government. They fly Hong Kong and Taiwan flags, and the occasional Union Jack reminiscent of the freedom they enjoyed under the Brits. But which other flag? American.
  • Haiti is wracked by violence since their president was assassinated. Which troops does the prime minister request to restore order? French, reminiscent of French colonialism? Russian? Cuban? No, American.
  • Mexico and Central America contend with poverty, lack of opportunity, and corruption. What nation do hundreds of thousands of their people try to reach? Communist Cuba or Venezuela? Brazil? No, America.

But if Antifa and Black Lives Matter were correct, and America is a cesspool of racism, why would these people fly our flag and try to immigrate here? If Critical Race Theory were correct, and America is systemically racist, why would these people do something so self-defeating? If Barack Obama were correct, and America has racism in its DNA, why would these people do something so self-destructive?

In the 1930s, did Jews try to immigrate to Germany, or to leave it? Did Chinese try to immigrate to Japan, or to get as far away as possible? Sane people flee from racism, they do not move toward it, they do not proudly display its flags, and they surely do not request its troops.

Residents of Cuba, Hong Kong, Haiti, and Latin America know what leftist Americans claim to have forgotten: that America is the least racist multi-ethnic nation in the world.

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