Voter ID Is Racist? Voter ID Is Jim Crow? New Civil War?

By | July 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Democrats from President Biden down claim that Black and Brown citizens have difficulty obtaining ID. So they charge that asking for voter ID is not just racist but similar to Jim Crow laws, and constitute a new “civil war.”

If this were true, why do many nations including Mexico require voter ID? In fact, Mexico does not accept a driver’s license but requires a special voter ID card. Does this mean Mexico is racist, Jim Crow, and heading for civil war? Or does it mean that Mexico simply wants to ensure election integrity?

But just a few years ago, didn’t these same people insist on issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants? The purported reason was that illegal immigrants needed to drive to get to work. Of course, employing an illegal immigrant is against federal law, but who cares about that law any more?

This raises a key question: If illegal immigrants, strangers to our customs and often not proficient in English, can get government IDs, why would American-born Black and Brown citizens have so much trouble doing the same? This ridiculous assertion has profoundly racist implications. What leads Democrats to believe that illegal immigrants, with all the difficulties that implies, can do better than native-born Blacks and Browns?

If Democrats want to see the racists they claim are so prevalent in America, let them look in the mirror.

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