Government Proclaims What Is “Misinformation”

By | July 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

White House Press Secretary Psaki announces that the government is advising Facebook (and perhaps other media) about problematic posts regarding Covid-19 and vaccination. Meanwhile, Surgeon General Murthy poses with pamphlet titled “Misinformation.” Questions:

  1. Is “misinformation” false information? If so, who decides this?
  2. Or is “misinformation” possibly correct information the government does not want us to see – for example, side effects of vaccination.
  3. How is it possible for people to give the legally and ethically required informed consent for vaccination, when information about side effects is being withheld?
  4. Dr. Murthy is Surgeon General of the US Public Health Service. But he wears the uniform of a vice admiral. This is said to be a free country. A man in the uniform of a high military officer proclaims what is information and what is “misinformation.” What could possibly go wrong?

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