Jen Psaki Proposes Banning Herself

By | July 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

If White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is right, and those who spread misinformation should be banned from all social media, then all these Democrats should be banned:

  • Jen Psaki herself, for spreading the Trump-Russia collusion myth.
  • Congressional Democrats, for signing onto collusion myth.
  • Speaker Pelosi, for referring to Trump as “illegitimate president” for four years.
  • Jen Psaki again, for claiming Hunter Biden story is Russian disinformation.
  • Kamala Harris, for saying she wouldn’t trust a vaccine developed under Trump.
  • Joe Biden, for expressing similar doubts about Trump’s “rushed” vaccine.
  • Foreign Policy magazine: “Trump’s vaccine can’t be trusted.”

And the list goes on. Those who have only a casual acquaintance with truth are in a poor position to propose censoring “misinformation,” by which they mean anything with which they disagree. They can’t imagine that someday they might be out of power, and their opponents would ban them from media. They can’t understand how dangerous censorship is. To say they have the understanding of a housefly is to insult houseflies. All they know how to do is to seek power.

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