Schools Or Indoctrination Centers?

By | July 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

We thought George Orwell was an alarmist when he wrote “1984.” It now appears he may have been an optimist.

Scottsdale is an affluent suburb of Phoenix. Friends of ours moved there from Los Angeles to raise their family. It was a good place to live. But as Dennis Prager points out, leftism ruins everything it touches. Read this parental consent form for Scottsdale schools.

Read how it requires parents virtually to abdicate parental authority to the schools. Read how it empowers schools to enquire about all aspects of the student’s life – including whether the student comes in contact with anyone who is “antisocial” or owns a gun.

Nazis and Communists used schoolchildren to inform on their parents. The Soviet Union honored with a postage stamp the young Pavlik Morozov, who informed on his father for the terrible crime of hiding some grain so the family could survive Stalin’s induced famine in Ukraine. For this the father was executed. But Pavlik didn’t grow up to be a good Communist – his father’s relatives killed him. That is the legacy of using children against their parents. That is the heritage of totalitarian control of education.

Are we there yet? Of course not. But the time to pull the fire alarm is when you first smell smoke, not when the whole structure is in flames.

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