What Do Conservatives Want To Conserve?

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Conservatism is a movement composed of conservatives who want to conserve…what?

  • The woke agenda?
  • Critical race theory?
  • Schools that became progressive indoctrination centers?
  • Seeing everyone not as individuals but as representatives of racial groups?
  • Spreading racial and ethnic hatred.
  • Completely undoing “E Pluribus Unum”?
  • Kneeling or otherwise disrespecting our flag and national anthem?
  • Boycotting businesses where any official contributed to conservative causes?
  • Favoring biological males competing in women’s sports?
  • Favoring biological males in women’s locker rooms and even battered women’s shelters?
  • Remaining silent as electronic snooping destroys all privacy?
  • Remaining silent as social media censor anything they dislike?
  • Remaining silent as the means of self-defense are confiscated?
  • Remaining silent as the Constitution and Bill of Rights are dismantled?

No, all that is the antithesis of conservatism, which is composed of people who want to conserve:

  • Judeo-Christian values, as enunciated by Moses and Jesus, not by leftist clergy.
  • Seeing everyone as a unique child of God, regardless of skin color.
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights, as actually written and originally intended.

There, is that clear enough? So if you consider yourself a conservative, start conserving – while anything remains that is worth conserving.

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