Lysenkoism Is Alive And Well; Truth Doesn’t Look So Good

By | July 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

  • In 1930s Soviet dictator Stalin is intrigued by ideas of scientific fraud Lysenko, puts him in charge of agriculture. As a result, grain harvest falls, causing widespread famine. But Stalin bans any criticism of Lysenko, who is not removed from power till Stalin dies in 1953. “Lysenkoism” becomes synonymous with scientific quackery enforced by the government.
  • In 2020 pandemic, governments mandate lockdowns, keeping people indoors where they are most susceptible to the virus. They send Covid-positive patients back to nursing homes, where vulnerable elderly and disabled patients die by thousands. They mandate masks, mainly plain cloth masks, on basis of questionable data.
  • In 2021 JAMA-Pediatrics publishes research letter showing worrisome rises in CO2 in mask-wearing children. Editors withdraw article after criticism that it might persuade parents not to mask their children. Idea that interfering with respiration might lower O2 and raise CO2 is hardly revolutionary, but expressing it is becoming forbidden.
  • Lysenko died in 1976, but Lysenkoism is alive and well in America. Once government power is exerted to approve or disapprove scientific reports, no one can be certain of what to believe. As a result, many people begin to doubt everything, though they may remain silent for fear of retaliation. Science is dying, and truth itself is on the critical list.

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