Police Defunded, Ex-Senator Robbed

By | July 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

After Oakland, CA police were defunded, former CA Senator Barbara Boxer was robbed. She was shoved from behind, and a new cell phone was taken by a team of two young people who got away in a car. They had a car – perhaps not their own, but they had access to a car – so the stolen phone was not to fund food. The robbery occurred about 1 pm on a weekday near tourist attraction Jack London Square.

Will leftists increase police funding again? Will they understand that inadequate policing harms not just the poor and minorities, whom they claim to support but actually hold in contempt? Will they realize that prominent, White, millionaire grandmothers can suffer as well? Will they understand that law and order are not the opposites of freedom – they are prerequisites for freedom. How free did former Senator Boxer feel when she fled from robbers on a busy street in broad daylight? Not very free, I’ll bet.

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