President Biden: “My Butt’s Been Wiped.”

By | July 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

President Biden answers female reporter’s question about immigration on White House lawn in front of video cameras: “My butt’s been wiped.” The problem is, by whom? Dr. Jill? VP Harris? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley?

When 49-year-old Bill Clinton was fooling around with a 22-year-old intern, the moral question was between Bill, Hillary, and God. It was none of our business. But it occurred in the pantry just off the Oval Office. That was our business.

Bill’s morals were not the problem, his judgment was. To be engaging in shenanigans in the White House where it could be easily discovered and perhaps used to blackmail the president – that was a major lapse of judgment, one which called into question Clinton’s suitability for office.

Similarly, was Biden’s off-hand remark evidence of a coarse sense of humor, or of dementia? But in either case, it was a major lapse of judgment, one which calls into question Biden’s suitability for office. Now we must ask ourselves, do we care enough to do anything about it? Do we love our country enough to wonder whether the man with his hands on the steering wheel knows where he’s going? Or will we sit back in apathy and laziness and just watch the game – or rather, watch the kneelers before the game?

It’s our choice. But we must choose. If we don’t, the choice will be made for us, and we and our children will spend our lives wiping the butts of the ruling class – assuming that we can find toilet paper in the store.

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