Contradictory Regulations Are Not Confidence Builders

By | August 2, 2021 | 0 Comments
  1. Covid-19 is a potentially fatal disease. The pandemic justifies severe restrictions of rights: Lockdowns, church closures, school closures, business failures, job losses, educational losses, increased suicides, increased overdoses, increased domestic abuse, probably increased child abuse but no school nurses or coaches to report bruises. Internet must be censored for “misinformation” – that is, disagreeing with Dr. Fauci. Public safety requires suspending large portions of Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  2. Antifa and BLM demonstrations are not health hazards, despite crowding without masks. Pursuit of equity justifies rioting, arson, looting stores, burning down police station, attempts to burn down federal courthouse. Anti-racism and equity take precedence over considerations of health and public safety.

1 might be true, or 2 might be true, or both could be false. But both can’t be true – they are mutually contradictory. Public safety either is paramount, or it isn’t. Rioting without masks can’t be permissible while going to church in masks is forbidden. Otherwise both law and public health regulations deteriorate into arbitrary, capricious decrees that lose the right to be obeyed, much less respected. Only confused, unintelligent tyrants could issue such contradictory regulations.

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