China Renounces No First Use Of Nukes

By | August 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

Chinese media announce that China is giving up its “no first use of nukes” policy. The video specifically states that when (not if) China invades Taiwan, if Japan interferes with one ship, one plane, or one soldier, China will nuke Japan. This threat raises four points:

  • China surely knows how hard this threat will hit Japan, the only nation to have suffered nuclear bombings. There is a possibility that it will impel Japan to build its own nukes. Apparently that possibility doesn’t worry the Communist regime. It should. Recall the word kamikaze.
  • China also knows that this threat will alert Taiwan and the US to a possible invasion. Why do this? To intimidate us into doing nothing. This would fulfill Sun Tsu’s advice that the greatest victory is to achieve your aims without fighting at all. And Biden is seen as a person easy to intimidate.
  • The US policy was to use nukes only if nukes were used on us, or if chemical or biological weapons were used on us, because we did not have such weapons. But Obama altered this policy to no first use ever. That is, he invited chemical or biological attack by promising to retaliate only with conventional weapons. That this declaration makes us seem weaker is beyond dispute. Whether Covid-19 is related to this declaration I leave for your consideration.
  • China’s leaders strive to appear strong and belligerent. Current US leaders strive to appear weak and conciliatory. I leave it to you to decide which is more successful in a dangerous world.

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