Hyperinflation, Power Outages, Coming To A Nation Near You

By | August 9, 2021 | 0 Comments

Lebanese Economy Collapsing Amid Hyperinflation, Power Outages.”

Thank goodness, thought they were talking about California.

If a situation is new, we may make innocent mistakes. But if the situation is similar to what happened in other nations, and we continue doing what resulted in miserable failures, at some time WE become fully responsible for the harm we are doing.

The feds print money like there’s no tomorrow. But guess what, tomorrow is coming. The value of the dollars in your retirement fund must decrease. The banks pay virtually no interest while the value of your savings account falls 5% a year, perhaps more. Remember what followed hyperinflation in Germany. It wasn’t a flowering of peace and freedom. The 50 million mark postage stamp was a prelude to Nazism.

California Democrats allow the power grid to become obsolete. At the same time they encourage developers to build mega-mansions, and they try to force electric vehicles on everyone. Their end game seems to be the formerly rich sitting in darkened mansions, burning their useless dollars for heat. while streets are filled with dead electric cars and trucks. Now there’s a cheerful vision of the future.

Today Lebanon, tomorrow… We’ve been warned.

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