Saigon 2, Kabul: Bug Out Déjà Vu

By | August 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

Militants seize 10th provincial capital, squeezing Kabul.

• Executing troops who surrender?

• Potential Al Qaeda resurgence.

• 3,000 Marines Deployed to Evacuate Embassy Staff.

• UK troops sent to get Britons out.

See, the way it works is, you repeat what worked, and you avoid what failed. That is, unless you intend to fail. Then you repeat what you did in Vietnam. You nullify all the blood and sweat expended there by men and women incomparably superior to you. You bug out, but be sure to do it rapidly, so your friends have little chance to escape the torture and execution awaiting them.

What better way to discourage our friends and encourage our enemies? What better way to produce fewer friends and more enemies?

The only thing missing is the last helicopter leaving from the embassy roof, with a ladder full of refugees struggling to get aboard. But there’s still time. Maybe you can arrange that, too. It would make a hell of a photo. Literally.

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