9-11 Jumpers, Today’s Plane Fallers: Never Forget

By | August 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

On 9/11 we were horrified to see over 100 people jump to their deaths from the Twin Towers to avoid incineration. Some of us never forgot. Today we are horrified to see people falling to their deaths from aircraft taking off from Kabul Airport to avoid the Taliban. Some of us will never forget. That’s what would-be tyrants and incompetent bureaucrats fear most: people with long memories.

These Afghans risked clinging to an aircraft rather than falling into the hands of the Taliban. Perhaps, just possibly, they know more about the Taliban than administration big shots or media talking heads. Personal experience beats attending an academic seminar every time. Scars beat diplomas every time, too.

File under D for Debacle. Cross-file under S for Stupidity. Do not file under P for Personal responsibility; that file has been deleted.

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