Antifa Is Enforcement Arm Of Democratic Party

By | August 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

An anti-compulsory vaccine demonstration in downtown Los Angeles was attacked by black-clad, masked Antifa thugs. A demonstrator was stabbed and taken to the hospital. No arrests were made. But wait, it gets worse.

The Los Angeles Times published two letters on the event. The first letter ridiculed the idea that Antifa is an organization. The letter mentioned that there are no membership cards or secret handshakes. Of course, neither does the Mafia, but it exists, too.

The letter parrots President Biden, who parrots the Left’s talking point. People run around dressed in black, masked (of course), and attack those they disagree with. And those they disagree with are invariably those who  oppose a policy of the Democratic Party.

In effect, Antifa is the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. No wonder Democrats deny its existence. Totalitarian movements typically have an enforcement arm. Nazis, Italian Fascists, Communists, the names were different, but the aim was the same: Intimidate opponents of the Party into silence.

The second letter blames opponents of vaccination for lockdowns and damage to businesses. This, too, is a typical leftist ploy: Blame opponents for what you did. Lockdowns and all the damage they did preceded the vaccine by many months. So how could anti-vaccine people be responsible?

Bottom line: 1) Organize an enforcement arm to intimidate opponents. 2) Deny its existence. 3) Allow opponents to be beaten or even stabbed with few arrests. 4) Blame opponents for what you do.

File under S for Stormtroopers. Cross-file under I for Intimidation. Do not file under D for Democratic Party; this file has been renamed Socialist Party.

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