Report: Taliban Search For Christians

By | August 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

Report: Taliban going door to door, searching for Bible phone apps or any other evidence of Christianity, then apparently killing suspected Christians.

My father’s eldest brother was murdered in the Holocaust. Since I can remember, I have heard the motto “Never Again!” But what does it mean? Or as a lawyer would say, what if anything does it mean? And I regretfully conclude that no, it doesn’t mean anything.

If it meant something, Jews and Christians would be mobilizing now. And I use the term mobilizing in both its figurative and literal senses. But unless the unexpected happens – and soon – we will shake our heads sadly, pretend to be upset, then go back to our daily activities. The TV news will be filled to bursting with the latest Covid scare reports, which are intended to keep us (1) frightened, (2) obedient, and (3) too preoccupied to notice what else is happening.

Afghanistan will descend into hell. Christians, pro-Americans, and schoolgirls will risk torture and death. And we will risk more terrorist attacks, because their Afghanistan base will be restored, and their fear of us will be reduced. Bumbling incompetents evoke pity, not fear. And from the pitiless, they evoke only contempt.

You didn’t like mean Tweets? But the guy who posted them evoked fear. See how you like contempt, unaccompanied by fear.

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