Suppress The Vote? Who Really Wants To?

By | August 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Democrats constantly charge that Republicans are trying to “suppress the vote.” By this they mean that it is improper to prevent dead people, non-citizens, non-residents, and convicted felons from voting – or voting twice.

But who is really trying to suppress the vote? The dean of the U.C. Berkeley Law School writes in the LATimes that people should go to court to block the upcoming election to recall Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

As provided in the California constitution, the people voted for a recall election. But that doesn’t satisfy the learned dean. To hear him tell it, ignorant, unwashed people should not be allowed to recall a Democrat governor, who was elected by educated, intelligent people.

This is even worse than it looks. Leftist professors are teaching law students that the Constitution and laws have no fixed meaning, but should be interpreted to further whatever the leftist agenda may be today. Tomorrow, a new leftist agenda may requite the Constitution and laws to be interpreted in other ways. When those students become judges, what will happen to our Constitution and laws?

Similarly, leftist professors are teaching medical students to be “woke,” that their role is to further social justice, and that people have no fixed gender. When these students become physicians and public health authorities, what will happen to our health care?

Now are you worried?

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