Don’t Take Apart What You Can’t Put Back Together

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When I was a kid, I asked my father for a bicycle horn. I expected a simple horn with a rubber bulb. But he got me an electric horn. I couldn’t understand how pushing a button made a sound, so I took the horn apart. I wound up with a pile of small parts, and I still didn’t know how it worked.

I expected my father to be very angry. But he just nodded his head and went back to his newspaper. He knew that I had learned an important lesson:

Don’t take apart what you can’t put back together.

What I learned at age 9 many high-and-mighty officials, self-anointed experts, and learned professors still don’t know at age 60. They persist in dismantling what they didn’t build, couldn’t build, and don’t have any notion of how to rebuild:

  1. The border was reasonably secure. But now it is virtually open. Tens of thousands of unknown people from unknown nations with unknown motives come across freely. Many are Covid-positive. Asylum seekers, who were required to stay in Mexico until their cases were decided, now enter freely, are given a court date, and disappear into our nation. Drug runners and human traffickers never had it so good. Chaos ensued.
  2. Afghanistan was on the way to an orderly withdrawal of US troops. But the secure Bagram Air Base was abandoned, leaving us dependent on Kabul Airport, impossible to secure in the middle of a city of 4 million. Meanwhile, troops were drawn down to the point that they were inadequate to protect the evacuation of tens of thousands of civilians, Americans and friendly Afghans. Chaos ensued.

The list could be longer, but the picture is all too clear. Like small children with no foresight, progressives revel in dismantling, deconstructing, and demolishing. The complex, beautiful structure that was built by generations of blood and sweat is slowly coming down. Or maybe not so slowly. Unless we do something.

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