Biden Looks At Watch = Disrespect + Poor Judgment

By | September 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

President Biden looked at his watch during the return of fallen troops from Afghanistan. Question: Which is worse?

1. Publicly disrespecting those who earned our greatest respect.

2. Lacking judgment to understand that publicly disrespecting fallen troops would evoke severe criticism.

This is similar to 49-year-old Bill Clinton’s shenanigans with a 22-year-old intern in the pantry off the Oval Office. Most people were upset by Clinton’s immorality in dishonoring his marriage vows , as well as taking advantage of the gross disparity in power between the president and an intern.

But I was upset by Clinton’s lack of judgment in carrying on in the White House, where he would very likely be discovered. Of all qualities required of a president in the nuclear age, judgment is the most essential.

Captain E. J. Smith was the senior captain of the White Star Line, and was due to retire. He had the rank. He had the experience. He had the gray hair. But he lacked the judgment. So he ordered Titanic to go full speed ahead on a moonless night despite iceberg warnings, and 1500 people died.

Biden’s lack of respect is infuriating. Biden’s lack of judgment is frightening.

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